The People Behind the Scenes

October 2016

The People Behind the Scenes

Paul and Patricia Lindenberg

Paul and Patricia finished the Missions Training Program May 2013, they have a strong passion for the nations of Africa, they have travelled through many African countries preaching the gospel healing the sick and feeding the hungry. Paul and Patricia are the Pa and Ma of the Missions Training Program, they have desire to see nations shaken with the power of the word of God! They have recently started a cook and bake initiative whereby they make fresh wholesome foods and sell to the community where they live, and the proceeds from the meals go towards their mission trips into Africa.

Rene Cronje

Rene completed the Missions Training Program May 2015, since then she has been doing great exploits for God! She runs a rehabilitation center in Port Elizabeth called Shepherds Field, she also has a show on radio where she empowers women to be the best they can be in the life they have been blessed with. Since graduating MTP Rene has gotten engaged, her and her fiancé have both been plugged into ministry with their local church, together they run connect groups as well as a spiritual support to the guys that come through the rehab center.

Zama G. Gumede

Zama completed the Missions Training Program May 2013 and has since been working full time with Every Tribe Missions. Zama is responsible for all short term commission trips, she does the scouting for new areas and speaking to Chiefs and Pastors to secure safe camping place for the teams as they go out and preach the gospel.Zama has seen hundreds of souls saved since her inception with Every Tribe Missions.

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