More People Behind the Scenes

November 2016

More People Behind the Scenes

Bennie Jansen Van Vuuren

Bennie completed The Missions Training Program in 2015, after completing Bennie returned to his home town and went back to his old job as a physical education teacher; he worked for 5 months questioning why he is now doing what he is doing? In the midst of everything that was happening, he trusted God would open the correct doors for him in terms of ministry. Bennie now works with Beyond Adventure as their program manager/facilitator. Beyond Adventure is a gap year program designed to shape the individual between the ages of 17 to 24 and prepare them for life, Bennie has always shown an interest in shaping the youth and helping them find their purpose and at Beyond Adventure that is exactly what he is doing.

Phumelele MatheMajdu

Phumelele completed the program in 2015. She then served as staff on the Every Tribe Missions team and she helped out wherever help was needed. After leaving Every Tribe at the end of 2015, she got married to a Pastor and that's when her ministry exploded. She has had countless crusades around KZN, preaching the Gospel and seeing people get saved is what she lives for. She has always had the mark of an evangelist on her life and that is what she's doing now.

Tamlyn September

Tamlyn completed the Missions Training Program in 2013. She went on to serve on the Every Tribe Missions team as an admin assistant to the coordinator of the school. She has always had a love for ministry and knew that she would be involved with missions someday. Tamlyn is now the co-ordinator of the Missions Training Program. She has a passion to help others realize their full potential in and through Christ, she has seen many people pass through the school who are now plugged into the call of God for their lives, living in the fullness He has destined for them.

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