March 2014 Newsletter

March 2014

March 2014 Newsletter

The Great Commission

I hear the cry of Africa “for freedom echo through the nations. When and through whom will freedom and peace come? Africa needs Jesus! Every Tribe Missions Commission Trips brings Jesus to a nation, province, city, community and individuals. They are impacting, and changing lives with Jesus Christ's unconditional love and healing power.
Have you ever asked yourself what is my purpose? Why am I here, or what can I do for God? How can I impact the world? I have an answer for you, but first let us look at Mark 16:15 “And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature.
Your job is to spread the Good News of Jesus Christ! What way can you be involved in this is the real question. We are all called to win souls, but not all of us are called to full time ministry or more specifically to be a missionary or an evangelist. You still have a role to play in these offices. You are called to do at least one of these four things: Pray, Support, Send, Go!
The Joshua Project says there is a total of 16,454 people groups in the world. Out of that, 6,897 are unreached. That is almost 42% of the world's population that has never been presented with the gospel of Jesus Christ. Many of them do not even have the bible available in their language.

Our goal as Every Tribe Missions is to give people the opportunity to go out into the rural communities and share the gospel with people who do not know Jesus. This is the opportunity that we, as Every Tribe Missions, give through our department "Commission Trips". You can join us as we go to the rural parts of South Africa and Africa to reach the unreached and tell them about Jesus.
Last year we lead ten commission trips and saw 25,000 people give their heart to Christ. This year we have scheduled nearly double the amount of trips and a soul goal of 50,000. We are so excited and expectant for God to do great things and we would like for you, your church, your youth group and your young adults to come join us. Come be apart of the great harvest of souls this year. Join our team!

Let's Shake Nations Together!

Sean and Chloe Seise

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