July 2013 Newsletter

July 2013

July 2013 Newsletter

Tents are down, bags are pack and everyone is loaded up in the bus to head back to East London. Liso begins to cry as she thinks about how God has used her to touch people's lives; her heart has been broken for the lost. Pastor Bande says a prayer as the bus begins to pull away from the campsite. While we are driving down the dirt road all the people in their yards are waving goodbye with big smiles on their face. The children are chasing the bus waving goodbye and laughing. God really has impacted the people in this community as well as the team on this trip. We all know that we will ever be the same again.

This past month we have gone on two Commission Trips. Both trips were very different but awesome in their own way. One of the trips was open to the public and anyone from the church that wanted to come. The second was for a gap year program located in South Africa named Beyond Adventure (http://www.beyondadventure.co.za).

The first trip, the Public one, had a total of twenty-one people on it. Half were youth from the trip before and the other were adults from the ministry. The dynamics of the team were different then others due the differences in age. It was by far the funniest team we have ever lead into the bush. We had one person who had never lead anyone to the Lord come out on this trip with their spouse. By the end of the week they were leading people to the Lord and laying hands on the sick!

The second trip was a very powerful trip. We were able to get into all new chiefdoms and we were able to preach in more than ten schools. This team received so many breakthroughs in their lives through ministering to others. People felt the presence of God so strongly who had never really received a touch from Him before. We have received emails from many of them saying thank you for the opportunity and the experience. Many have told us that their lives will never be the same.

We have seen God do some amazing things this month. In the last three trips we have seen 4,244 people give their heart to Christ. We personally have been stretched more then previously. There were three trips back to back. Starting from the end of last month with the youth, finishing now with the Beyond students. We are also preparing for our winter conference starting Sunday as well as the Mission school that begins again August 2nd. The last half of the year is always busier then the first half for us.

Please continue to keep us in your prayers. We appreciate you, and your prayer and support is so valuable and means so much to us. We look forward to seeing you when we are in America next.

Bless you, Sean and Chloe Seise

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